Privacy policy

Personal data and privacy

1. Information about the Client and / or Co-owner (if applicable) will be provided to Kudos Capital Management or third parties such as credit agencies, banks, other financial institutions, government registries, etc.

2. Confidential information is information that is not considered publicly available or has been provided as such by Kudos Capital Management. The Client's data submitted to Kudos Capital Management is confidential and can be used solely to provide services to the Client, for marketing purposes, for statistical information and in accordance with the provisions of the legislation applicable to Kudos Capital Management.

3. Kudos Capital Management has the right to disclose information about the Client to the extent necessary:

a) if required by law, by order of the competent court or regulatory body of the relevant jurisdiction;

b) relevant institutions and organizations for the purpose of investigating or preventing fraud, money laundering or other illegal activities;

c) if necessary for the provision of services;

d) centers that offer market research and conduct surveys in order to improve the Kudos Capital Management service (in this case, only contact information);

e) to protect the legal rights of Kudos Capital Management;

f) at the request of the Client or after obtaining his consent;

g) affiliates of Kudos Capital Management or another company of the same group to which the company belongs;

h) to the assignee within ten (10) business days after prior notification of the Client.

4. Telephone conversations between the Client and Kudos Capital Management may be recorded; in this case, they will be held by Kudos Capital Management and owned by Kudos Capital Management. The Client hereby confirms that he accepts these records as evidence of placing an order or confirmation of any instructions or data provided during these conversations.