Terms of Use

Website terms of use

1. Kudos Capital Management undertakes to take the necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted access of the Client to the website and systems of Kudos Capital Management within the framework of the Client Agreement concluded between the Client and Kudos Capital Management, however, in the event of a functional failure of such systems and the website, Kudos Company Resource Partners is not responsible for the following events if they occurred without the intention of the Company, regardless of whether Kudos Capital Management and its employees were informed about the possibility of such events:

1.1. Losses, losses or expenses that may arise in connection with the use of these systems and the website or the inability to use them by any person,

1.2. Failure to comply with the order and its consequences.

1.3. Errors and delays in operation or data transmission.

1.4. Computer viruses, communication failures, line or system damage.

1.5. Errors or inaccuracies in the process of transferring data and / or orders in CFD trading or any instructions from the Client and / or site visitor,

2. Kudos Capital Management has the right to suspend the use of the website in order to carry out maintenance work, repair work, install updates or other technical work.

3. Kudos Capital Management will use reasonable efforts to protect this website from malware. The customer is advised to use their own modern good quality malware protection. In addition, the Client undertakes not to upload malware to the Kudos Capital Management Trading Platform or to any other component of the Company's website.

4. Responsibility for ensuring compliance of the Client's information technologies with Kudos Capital Management technologies, as well as for their compliance with the minimum system requirements, which can be changed and supplemented as necessary, rests entirely with the Client.

5. Kudos Capital Management is not responsible for the incorrectness or incompleteness of information provided by third parties through the Kudos Resource Partners website and systems, as well as for the consequences of using or refusing to use such information.

6. The information provided by the Company is the property of the Company or its provider, therefore, the Client hereby undertakes not to transfer, redistribute, publish, disclose, change, supplement, transfer for use, not lend, not transfer the rights of use and not show such data in full or in part to third parties.

7. Cookies

Use of the Kudos Capital Management software uses cookies to access the Kudos Capital Management website in order to provide the Client with resources to work more efficiently on the Kudos Capital Management website. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information and are not used to identify the user. The Client hereby gives his consent to the use of cookies.